Here’s your second chance to support Celestian Tales: Old North on Kickstarter

If you funded Celestian Tales: Old North on their first Kickstarter attempt, forgot to, or never knew about it in the first place, the good folk over at Ekuator Games are giving you a second chance. This time, they are going for all the gusto and look to bring you a refreshing take on an RPG with moral-driven storyline, six points of view, multiple personal arcs, and magnificent hand-drawn art.

Celestian Tales: Old North takes the same six characters and spans them across three different generations. Take them as they become green knights, into the prime of their lives, and watch as the world changes around them. Did you decisions pan out? Is the world a better place? Themes like war, betrayal, and faith all come to play across these generations.

With storytelling like Odin Sphere, combat stats similar to Grandia, with combat similar to Final fantasy VI and Dungeons and Dragons – you know you’re getting quality. The art is now all hand drown with a similar feel to Suikoden and Ragnarok Online, 2D sprites will move freely around the world. Check out the interview I did with the devs back in June, take a long gander at their new Kickstarter page, and feel free to support the project if you like what you see.

Check out their PC promo as well! You might as well test the water before you drink it, right? Enjoy!