Here’s your first Guild Wars 2 level 80 character; ArenaNet responds to ‘unusual’ leveling

If you were hoping to become the first level 80 character in Guild Wars 2, I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but you're too late. It appears as if the game, which just entered it's early access period on Saturday, already has its first max level character.

As reported by MMO Culture, the first level 80 Guild Wars 2 character is, surprisingly, a crafter who goes by the name Surfeuze. According to the site, he attained the max level with help from his French guild War Legend, who fed him with materials to help him level through crafting, although it has since been revealed that he did play the game normally "at times".

Despite rushing to level 80, it won't make the game turn to "easy mode" for him due to the fact that his stats and level will be scaled according to the map he is in. He also still needs to earn reputation points to purchase items and attain achievements.

Nonetheless, it is still quite an accomplishment for Surfeuze and if this shows anything, it's that teamwork pays off in the end. Or maybe you should just think outside of the box.

Responding to the player's fast leveling, ArenaNet's Mike O'Brien wrote, "Level 80 is always something to celebrate, but be aware that this was not through normal leveling. A few users have made us aware of unusual ways to level very fast. We're fixing these issues as I type."

They better fix it soon. Guild Wars 2 officially releases tomorrow, August 28.