Here’s why Gears of War 4 is going to look awesome on the Xbox One and PC

According to The Coalition

The Coalition has been making it very clear to the Xbox One community that they have been hard at work improving the graphics for Gears of War 4 since the beta. We have heard developers claimed that they "are pushing the hardware on the Xbox One as far as possible" before, but it seems as though the Gears of War developers are really trying to make a statement with Gears 4.

According, to one of the developers himself, Gears 4 is using the Unreal Engine to their advantage.

"One of the big advantages we have with Unreal Engine 4 is it is a cross-platform engine," said technical director Mike Rayner to Epic Games during E3 (via DualShockers/GameSpot). "So when we build our game, we're testing it on Windows, we're running on Xbox One, and we're always keeping the game running on both platforms at all times."

"Beyond that of course we have to specialize for each platform…on Xbox One, we put a lot of effort into really pushing the hardware to deliver the visual showcase that Gears is known for."

It doesn't stop there, The Coalition is doing whatever they can to make the game available on both the PC and Xbox One at the highest quality possible.

"The thing that we were able to do for Gears 4 is that we authored all the content at 4K resolution. So on Windows 10, if you've got a system that can support it you're going to get high res texture packs, you're going to get a real 4K premium visual experience. On Xbox One we've totally optimized it for 1080p rendering."

After statements like this, graphics snobs will have a field day testing the game – specifically on the claims of 1080p for the Xbox One.