Here’s what the God of War: Ascension Collector’s Edition includes

You may want to clear off some shelf space if you intend on purchasing the God of War: Ascension Collector's Edition. That's because it includes an 8" Kratos statue figurine! I'm a sucker for tchotchkes, of which there are plenty (thankfully most are digital) in the new Collector's Edition of Sony's upcoming PS3-exclusive God of War: Ascension.

Details of the special edition's content have been made public thanks to an Amazon listing and here's what is included:

  • Exclusive 8" Kratos statue
  • Premium steelbook case
  • Official game soundtrack (digital version)
  • PS3 dynamic theme
  • PSN avatar pack
  • Multiplayer double XP unlock
  • Pass for future DLC content

You can now pre-order the Collector's Edition to take advantage of another Amazon pre-order bonus which grants you access to the Mythological Heroes multiplayer pack containing the armor of Achiles, Perseus, Orion, and Odysseus. These armors can be used in the game's online mode.

You can pre-order God of War Ascension Collector's Edition for $79.99 – just $20 more than the standard edition!