Here’s what Square Enix is bringing to PAX East

As PAX East 2014 draws closer and closer, publishers are unveiling their line-ups for the show floor. Square Enix has done just that, featuring a hands-on demo of Murdered: Soul Suspect. Also appearing at their booth is Hitman GO and NOSGOTH.

Murdered: Soul Suspect debuted at E3 2013 and can be easily described as a ghost stories edition of L.A. Noire. You play Ronan O’Connor, a detective trying to solve the mystery of his death. It will release on June 3rd for PC and “current and next-gen consoles.” No further specifics were listed regarding the exact consoles.

NOSGOTH is a PVP based multiplayer game that takes place in the Legacy of Kain franchise. Attendees will gain access to the closed-beta to further explore what the game will have in store when it releases. If you’re either unable to attend PAX East or too impatient to wait, the game is currently available in Steam Early Access

Finally, Hitman GO is a turn-based strategy game developed by Square Enix Montreal and will release on mobile platforms. Presumably, the game will feature Hitman action on the go, hence the name Hitman Go.

On that note, we’ll show ourselves the door.

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