Here’s what’s on sale this weekend at 8/12/2017

No Man's Sky is on sale DRM free alongside a special Strategy games promo. is featuring a three-pronged attack on their sales front this weekend, and there are a ton of games spread across a variety of genres for you to choose from. The headliner, much like this weekend's Steam sales is also No Man's Sky, which comes in at the exact same price point of $24, so if you are the type that needs their games DRM-free, this is the place to pick up the game.

Other than that, GOG is also celebrating the return of the Sudden Strike series with a massive sale on War Strategy games with prices slashed up to 80% off. This is on top of the standard slate of weekend sales that the site normally rolls out, so there is definitely a lot here.

As such, I've condensed most of the highlights into the table below.

No Man's Sky 60% $23.99
The Dwarves 50% $19.99
This is the Police 50% $7.49
Delta Force 75% $1.49
Delta Force 2 75% $1.49
de Blob 25% $14.99
de Blob 2 25% $14.99
ArcaniA: Gothic 4 75% $4.99
Impossible Creatures 75% $2.49
Red Faction 75% $2.49
Red Faction 2 75% $2.49
AquaNox 75% $1.49
AquaNox 2 75% $1.49
Full Spectrum Warrior 75% $2.49
Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers 75% $2.49
Empire Earth Gold Edition 66% $2.04
Empire Earth 2 Gold Edition 66% $3.39
Empire Earth 3 66% $3.39

Don't wait to get in on these GOG sales.