Here’s what Deadpool’s suit could’ve looked like in the movie – if it hadn’t been rejected

Not even sure how I feel about what could have been.

Deadpool saw a crazy amount of success for an R-rated film. It was so successful that it already has a sequel in the works, but the film we got could have been much different. 

Kelton Cram, a professional concept artist that has worked on movies like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and X-Men: First Class, worked on the original pitch for Deadpool, along with writer Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2). 

Cram was working on bringing Wadlow's vision to life, which appeared to be quite a bit like the vision of Kick-Ass 2 — regular people making their own costumes.

According to Cram in an interview with, he and Wadlow were looking to stay away from the "campy" white eyes and full-on superhero suit. Instead, they wanted it to more realistic:

"We wanted to try a completely new direction with the suit. More of an origin suit — a self-made, makeshift suit made from motorcycle gear. As with most origin stories, this suit would go through a transition, eventually becoming something closer to the one he wears in the comics (much like the suit Blur created for Ryan Reynolds). "

"I think Jeff Wadlow was going for a more gritty/realistic approach. The white eyes are a bit campy, though I have to admit Fox and Marvel seemed to pull it off with Deadpool and Black Panther, respectively"

Apparently, the original pitch for Deadpool called for Mister Sinister to be in the film. You can see the Deadpool concept art below, as well as Sinister (as Stone Cold Steve Austin) below! 


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