Here’s what 2K is bringing to PAX East

As is custom for all game events, every studio and their mother is doting on their PAX lineup. Microsoft is bringing a handful of games that are already available, including Titanfall, but will at least give us a new look at Project Spark. Meanwhile, Square Enix is packing the unlikely pair of Murdered: Soul Suspect and NOSGOTH. Today, conveniently after the leak and confirmation of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, 2K’s agenda has come to light.

Appropriately, the new Borderlands entry will be on center stage, with a first-look available at the Moon theatre. If gameplay’s your thing (read: you’re a human), you’ll also want to head to the Evolve demo, found at booths 948 and 962. And finally, the publisher has promised to sneak the reveal of their next AAA title into the Games Mega Panel on Saturday morning.