Here’s the very first screenshot from Tales from the Borderlands

Over the weekend, Telltale Games and Gearbox hosted a join panel revealing tons of details and information about upcoming episodic adventure game, Tales from the Borderlands. During the panel, the first ever screenshot for the game was revealed. It shows Reece controlling a loaderbot and holding a psycho by the neck.

Elsewhere in the panel, Telltale assured fans that Tales from the Borderlands will "definitely" feature a lot of dynamic action. 

"It's a Borderlands game. There's gotta be crazy stuff going on. And one of the things I'm glad that people have recognized with [The Wolf Among Us] — cause figuring out how to do action and storytelling at the same time has been tricky to do without reverting to traditional running around video games," explained Telltale Games' co-founder and president Kevin Bruner.

"We want to keep it very cinematic and have action sequences tell stories. So we got better between The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, and I think we're gonna get better again as we move into Borderlands because you've gotta have crazy, over-the-top action scenes or it's not a Borderlands game."

"There'll probably be some guns," he added.

Although Tales from the Borderlands will features lots of action (and guns), lead designer Harrison Pink was quick to point out that there won't be action just for the sake of it. Like previous Telltale Games, action scenes will still provide a "character-based moment" with lots of context wrapped around it. As an example, Pink recalled to The Wolf Among Us' opening fight between Bigsby and The Woodsman.

You can check out the full Tales from the Borderlands panel at SXSW here.