Here’s the install sizes for Metro Redux on Xbox One

The Metro Redux games — which include Metro: Last Light Redux and Metro: 2033 Redux — can now be found on the Xbox One store website. Though the games don't release until August 26, the listings give game details, including install sizes.

Metro: Last Light Redux comes in at an install size of 9.25 GB, while 2033 Redux will be 7.85 GB. 

Both games will run at 60 FPS and have been rebuilt and remastered for next-gen. They will each feature two unique play styles, Spartan and Survival. You can approach the campaign as a slow-burn Survival Horror, or you can flex your combat skills of a Spartan Ranger. 2033 has been rebuilt with the Last Light engine, and Last Light will include all of the previous DLC. 

When Light Light released, we reviewed it on PlayStation 3 and gave it an 8.5, while we gave 2033 an 8.0 on the Xbox 360.

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