Here’s the demo for ‘The Last of Us’ you might have missed at PAX Prime

If you didn't get the chance to attend PAX Prime, you missed out on a pretty lengthy, informative demo for Naughty Dog's upcoming survival action game, The Last of Us.

The gameplay demo, which was the same one shown off behind-closed-doors to press at E3, "highlights narrative exploration through interactive prompts, environmental puzzles, the balance of power AI, and some of the dynamic stealth elements you’ll be able to use to plan Joel and Ellie’s survival."

I think this video, more than anything, shores up any concerns someone might have about a game with such a dependency on computer AI. As we know by now, the main campaign of The Last of Us will not support co-op. This makes it even more important that Naughty Dog be able to create a competent AI so that it doesn't pose a hindrance on the story of the game, which happens to be a major focal point of the game. It's equally important that the gameplay be as smooth as possible so to not break up the immersion of seeing this story unfold.