Here’s some art and info on the enemies in Dark

The last time we heard anything about Dark, Kalypso Media's upcoming stealth-action title, was back in June at E3. The game was still in its pre-alpha stages at the time, but already it looked like a potentially solid title worth watching out for.

Kalypso has released a couple of new images to promote the game, but more importantly, the company has also revealed some info on the main enemy, an organization known as M17.

Trained to hunt down paranormal beings like vampires, M17 is a fierce military force shrouded in mystery. M17 members specialize in capturing paranormal beings and taking information from them that can then be used within the organization. You take control of a vampire, and it's up to you to eliminate the threat, all the while unraveling the mysteries behind M17.

Still no specifics on when Dark will launch, but the last time we spoke with Kalypso, the company informed us that the game would hopefully be available on Xbox 360 and PC sometime during Q1 2013.

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