Here’s how Quantum Break punishes pirates

Scum they are! Foe of mankind!

Pirate Jack

The developers of Quantum Break are punishing pirates by showing the world, or at least the ones standing behind the player, what they really are.

People pirating games is something developers hates but unfortunately has to deal with, it is unavoidable that someone puts up the game's files online for others to download.

Some developers find ways to mess with the pirates by adding something extra to the pirated version of the game. Skullgirls gave players weird questions when they beat the game, and Game Dev Tycoon made players feel how much pirates can hurt the developers.

Remedy, the creators of Max Payne, Alan Wake, and Quantum Break has messed with the heads of pirates for some time now. It all started with Alan Wake wearing an eye patch like a pirate in the pirated version of the game.

The newly released Quantum Break keeps that tradition alive.

According to Eurogamer, if the PC version of the game thinks you are playing a pirated copy of the game it will make Jack wear an eye patch, just like the pirates of fiction did. This can also be triggered by starting the game after logging out from the Windows Store.

The studio's Windows 10 FAQ page is even joking about it by saying "Jack looks like a pirate the developer replied: 'DRM might've accidentally triggered. Reboot the game and eat a lot of vitamin C".

Pirate alan Wake