Here’s a teaser for The Wolf Among Us ‘Episode 3: A Crooked Mile’

This week, fans were finally able to continue their adventure in The Wolf Among Us.

Episode 2: Smoke & Mirrors was released, offering the continuation of Bigby's investigation in to the murder of one of Fabletown's citizens. Assuming you've beaten it, you've also gotten a look into the next chapter in the story, Episode 3: A Crooked Mile.

As is Telltale's tradition, a sneak peek look at some things to come in the next episode was included at the end. These teasers usually hint at what to expect in the next episode based on your personal decisions, so there's a chance the video you saw (or are going to see when you beat the episode) differs from the one below, provided by GamesHQMedia. It should also be noted that this video was not officially released by Telltale.

Warning: If you haven't beaten Episode 2: Smoke & Mirrors then don't watch. Then again, why would you have clicked on this to begin with?