Hellgate: Tokyo Opening September 22nd

I’ve always liked Hellgate: London, the 3rd-person Diablo-clone created by a selection of former Blizzard employees. It’s just such a good idea for a game: put players in a crazy apocalyptic London, open up a bunch of portals to hell, and let them lay waste to the demons crawling forth from the hellfire. What I didn’t like about the game was the part where the people making it ran out of money, and then all the servers turned off. Thankfully we’ll always have Korea, where it is apparently a law that all functioning members of society should maintain active characters on no less than five different game worlds. This awesome hack and slash was recently saved by Korean-based T3 Entertainment, who first got their countrymen addicted, and have now slowly been turning the North America servers back on.

Even more exciting though, is news that the game will finally feature a new locale, the demon-infested streets of Tokyo. According to the release “Hellgate Tokyo continues the story of the London Resurrection. Heroes will be able to continue mankind’s fight for survival in the new expansion. Heroes start in Tokyo Base, and continue on to different locations as they progress through the story. Tokyo is composed of 24 new levels, with new monsters and boss monsters.” I’d like to see that last bullet point in a travel brochure somewhere. “Plan a vacation to exciting Tokyo: composed of 24 new levels, with new monsters and boss monsters.” Also announced are two new modes, Cow Room and Base Defense. In Cow Room, heroes have to murder zombies… sounds easy enough. Though apparently crawling through these rooms you’ll have to deal with zombies puffing out flames (no idea what that means), and sandstorms…? Base Defense introduces some tower defense fun to the game, which should be interesting. Lastly, ‘Hell Mode’ returns, cranking up the difficulty but giving players a chance to receive better loot and more experience from upgraded mobs and bosses.

Overall, looks like this should be a lot of fun. Look for it September 22nd.