Helix music rhythm game for WiiWare – Now Available For Download

August 29, 2008

Ghostfire Games has just released
Helix, a music rhythm game, on the WiiWare service for the Nintendo Wii console.

Ed Roman, CEO of Ghostfire Games,
had the following to say: We’re extremely excited to release Helix to the
general public. Its one of the most innovative music rhythm games ever designed.
You use the Wii Remote? controllers to do over 30 upper body moves while
listening to fast-paced music. You do all this while the backgrounds (and the
Wii Remote controllers) pulse to the beat.

Helix is not only fun, it’s a great
workout. You can really burn some calories playing this game. You tend to lose
yourself playing the game and forget that you’re even getting a workout, because
the gameplay is compelling.?

We listened to thousands of songs
and narrowed it down to the 26 you find in this game. These 26 tracks are
amazing and come from independent musicians that you won’t find elsewhere. It’s
the type of music you want to hear over and over again because it’s so good.
We’ve included 26 songs to play, so the replay value is absolutely incredible
for 1000 Wii Points