Heavy Rain Delivers an Interactive, Film Noir-Style Thriller Exclusively for the PlayStation 3

February 23, 2010

Heavy Rain Delivers an
Interactive, Film Noir-Style Thriller Exclusively for the PlayStation 3

Innovative Features and
Hollywood-style Cinematics Combine To Bring a Unique Experience Where Player
Decisions Shape the Story

Sony Computer Entertainment America
(SCEA) announced today the release of Heavy Rain exclusively for the PlayStation
3. Developed by Quantic Dream, developers of the critically acclaimed Indigo
Prophecy, Heavy Rain takes players on an emotionally engaging and mysterious
journey where the story path is shaped as players play the game. Each decision
made will have an impact on how a particular story plays out, and Heavy Rain
takes players through more than 60 emotionally powerful scenes that feature
contextual actions, realistic visuals, and varying paths that lead to a unique

Heavy Rain is a gripping
psychological thriller filled with countless twists and turns in a gut wrenching
search for the Origami Killer. Each player’s experiences are based on their own
actions as they are faced with various choices and consequences, each of which
will lead them on an emotional roller coaster. By diving into the four lead
characters’ minds, the player will have insight into actions they should take
before making their next move, discovering that every action or decision, big or
small, will have a tangible impact on the fate of the characters.

"Tapping into the power and
technology of PS3, Quantic Dream has pushed gaming boundaries to the limits,
placing emotion at the forefront of the Heavy Rain experience," said Scott A.
Steinberg, Vice President, Product Marketing, SCEA. "This dark and mysterious
story delivers a setting and mood that truly attests to the true film noir feel
of the game. We’re eager for fans to enter this world and experience their own
unique story, one that can only be had on PS3."

Players will dive into the minds of
the four main characters – an FBI profiler named Norman Jayden, a retired
private detective named Scott Shelby, an architect named Ethan Mars, and
journalist named Madison Paige – gaining an emotional attachment to their pain,
joy and worries. Ethan Mars has a seemingly perfect life with a wife and two
kids until his son is killed in an accident and then loses his wife. Scott
Shelby is a private detective hired by the families of the victims of the
Origami Killer in hopes of preventing another strike. Norman Jayden is an FBI
agent on the hunt for the Origami Killer scouring for clues and working with the
local police department. Lastly there is Madison Paige; an impetuous journalist
who has somehow gotten mixed up in the investigation of the Origami Killer.

To create the interactive
story-telling experience that Heavy Rain delivers, developer David Cage spent
more than a year writing a 2,000 page script of linear dialogue and worked with
a cast of 70 actors to bring the script alive. Possible only through the power
of the PS3 system, Heavy Rain took a development team of 220 highly skilled
people over the course of 170 days to create the game’s extensive motion capture
action and unique interactive narrative.

Heavy Rain has an ESRB rating of "M"
for Mature.