Heavy Metal Music and Fantasy Magic Mix in New Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Trailer

April 30, 2008

Heavy Metal Music and Fantasy Magic Mix in New
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Trailer

cdv Software Entertainment USA and Ascaron
Entertainment GmbH today unveiled a stunning new gameplay trailer for Sacred 2:
Fallen Angel, the upcoming Action-RPG for console and PC, slated for release in
September 2008. The new video showcases the game’s spectacular special effects
and character models as swords and sorcery clash in exciting in-game action on
the field of battle.

This new trailer also features the brand-new
fantasy heavy metal-themed song “Sacred,” penned and performed exclusively for
the game by renowned German heavy metal group Blind Guardian. The band, which
was recently motion captured for the game, will appear in-game once the player
solves a special side quest. Along with introducing the new track from Blind
Guardian, this video marks the first appearance of the Temple Guardian, one of
the many unique and powerful playable characters from the game, and highlights
some of the mounted combat capabilities featured in Sacred 2: Fallen Angel.

Click here to download the new Sacred 2: Fallen
Angel trailer.

More information is available at
http://www.cdvus.com and

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is an Action RPG with a
rich story that takes place in a giant, open-ended and seamless world. This
world contains hundreds of dungeons, treacherous opponents and a variety of
challenging quests. Intelligent enemies, steadily adapting in number and
difficulty based on player progress, challenge in heroic single- and multiplayer

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel provides numerous unique
items that can be gathered in this mystical world. A deep reward system further
enables advancements in character, individual attributes and character-specific
fighting styles, each designed to keep players returning to the world of Sacred
2: Fallen Angel to discover what is around the next bend. Drop-in styled
cooperative multiplayer gameplay ensures players will enjoy the game alone or
seamlessly with friends at any time, while enemies, monsters and challenges
dynamically adjust to the player’s party strength. Five unique multiplayer modes
round out the experience and offer a refreshing, first-class gaming experience
in Sacred 2: Fallen Angel.