Heartwarming video shows how YoVille saved this girl’s life

YoVille is shutting down in March, courtesy of Zynga. And while many will think, "What's the big deal, Zynga does that all the time," apparently you aren't familiar with YoVille's passionate fanbase all around the world.

A few weeks ago I posted a video from user Bliss, who talked about how YoVille changed her life, how it was her escape, and a place for friendship and meeting new people. She also wasn't too happy with Zynga's announcement about shutting YoVille down. She was just one of thousands of fans who spoke up against Zynga and pleaded the original developer behind the game, Big Viking Games, to purchase it back from Zynga and keep the servers from shutting down.

As sad as Bliss' video was, it's nothing compared to the story of Amanda, who in 2010 was broken, felt alone, and was an outcast, even in her own family. YoVille was her place to make friends, build relationships, and of course still have fun and be mischevious, as a 13 year old should. She discusses some of the more shady things she's been a part of, like not handing out prizes for pageants, or having her friend somehow hack items and coins into the game, but hey, I was 13 once too.

And even though she currently doesn't play the game, it helped her realize she wasn't the outcast she thought she was, and wants others who are either playing the game currently or those who have yet to play it, to get the same experience as she did.

Check out this video and try to contain the water works.