Heartseeker Ashe and Bouquet ward skin now available in League of Legends

In case you forgot, today is Valentine's Day. What better way to celebrate than with new skins in League of Legends? Forget chocolate, tell your loved one you want the new Heartseeker Ashe skin, now available through the in-game store for 975 RP.

Heartbreak turns deadly when Heartseeker Ashe strings her foes along the lane. Her Valentine’s massacres litter the Rift with Frozen Hearts and dashed hopes. She’s made many enemies, but thanks to a well-aimed dove-shot, she’s returning to base on a ruby-red throne before they have a chance to catch her.

In addition to Heartseeker Ashe, a new Bouqet ward skin is available as well for 640 RP, but only until February 20. So how about a skin and a bouquet of flowers for that special someone?

What's more, you can also grab the Valentine's Day skins of past for a discount.