Hearts of Iron II modified and multiplied – Why stop at WW II?

Hearts of Iron II modified
and multiplied – Why stop at WW II?

Recently released Hearts of Iron II has barely been out on shelf for a month and
its fans have already created a multitude of different scenarios available for

To give you a sample we have listed a few of the modifications available or
currently under development in the section below. To find these and other mods
please go to:


C.O.R.E: Expansion of the depth and realism of HoI 2, thousands
of historical events, a revised tech tree, improved campaigns and new battle
1914: HoI 2 completely reworked to make it suitable for the era
of the First World War.
The Historical Stony Road to War: Will realistically drag the
players into a WWII atmosphere, boosting A.I. performance, bearing completely
reworked realistic combat balance, economy and diplomacy with hundreds of
historical events and amazing own GFX sprites.
The Cold War (1950-1995): Includes new Tech tree, Ministers
leaders, Countries, Shields Flags as well as sprites later on.
Starfire Historical Mod: Enhanced ground combat and an
extensive historical economic revamp.
The Alternate World/History mod: Includes a new world timeline
where battles and wars in history had an alternate outcome leading to WWI never 
happening, the Russian revolution being in a state of stalemate and the American
civil war being won by the CSA.
The Confederate States of America: Steer the CSA through the
crucial pre-war years and the Second World War.

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