Hearts of Iron 3 in Beta-testing Stage

March 23, 2009

Hearts of Iron 3 in Beta-testing

Paradox Interactive has closed the
recruiting process for Beta Testers to play Hearts of Iron III, the long awaited
third installment of the World War II Strategy series set for release towards
the end of 2009.

The Paradox team want to express
their gratitude for the long time fans that is supporting and offering their
help for the development of Hearts of Iron 3:

“We at Paradox were stunned by the
response we got for the Beta testing, with over 10,000 people registering an
interest in contributing. It made it one of the hardest selection process for
Betas we have ever had, as there were just so many well qualified candidates to
chose from. “ says Johan Andersson, Lead Developer on Hearts of Iron III.

Hearts of Iron III has now in the
Beta stage of development. These last months has seen the team stabilizing the
foundations of the AI, tightening up the rules and mechanics of the game, along
with implementing brand new artwork and interface features.

With the Beta crew now in place the
testing has already started and Hearts of Iron III is scheduled for release
during the latter half of 2009.

“We have a keen an enthusiastic beta
team in place who are already working hard to do their bit to make Hearts of
Iron 3 the best game it can be.” Says Chris King, game designer for Hearts of
Iron 3.

A game presentation from
earlier this year in Stockholm is now available here:


The third installment in the
critically acclaimed World War II strategy series, Hearts of Iron III will
feature a plethora of brand new features to satisfy veteran and novice players
alike, including a huge game map with more than 14,000 land and sea provinces.

At GDC, Johan Andersson, the
Producer, will be on hand to demonstrate every aspect of the game. Hearts of
Iron III is scheduled for release in Q3.