Hearthstone’s new Adventure will take you to Karazhan

Things are about to get funky.

If you thought the Hearthstone hype was over, you obviously haven't spent a night in Karazhan. The collectible card game is getting a brand new Adventure, and it's taking us to the place that World of Warcraft players know well – Karazhan. Whether you've spent countless weeks attempting to get that special mount to drop or you were grinding for gear, you're familiar with the Kara.

Hearthstone players have been invited to spend "One Night in Karazhan," but don't let the name fool you – this isn't some timed event Adventure. Once you purchase the Adventure for $20 from the in-game shop, you can spend as many nights in Karazhan as you want. 

The new adventure will bring 45 new cards to Hearthstone, as well as five different raid wings – including the prologue mission. Each week, a new raid wing will be made available to players. If you don't want to spend $20 on the expansion, you can spend $7 to access each wing: The Parlor, then The Opera, The Menagerie and finally The Spire. 

Fortunately, the prologue mission will be available to all players for free! 

One Night in Karazhan will include, Class Challenges which give players a glimmering One Night in Karazhan themed card, a more challenging Heroic Mode, and a special card back if the entire adventure is purchase within the first week of release.