Hazmat Heimerdinger now available in League of Legends

To Riot Games' credit, the developer has done wonders for cleaning up League of Legends' community. But, like every there, there's still a few toxic players. So what better way to deal with them then with the new Hazmat Heimerdinger skin?

… Okay, so the story Riot came up with is a bit better…

War. War stays the same.

Since the dawn of yordle kind, when the ancient ones first discovered the killing power of blowguns and boomerangs, blood has been spilled in the name of everyone thinking they can take out the little guys.

When the decision to scorch the earth was made, yordles knew they’d need safe havens. Armed with the knowledge and new, toxic weaponry of their greatest inventor, they dug in and did what a cruel world forced them to do.

In the early days of the Yordlepocalypse, they took refuge in enormous (for them) underground shelters, and when they emerged, only desolation greeted them—all except the revered inventor who locked himself away from the society he saved. Rumors swirled that his bunker would never reopen, until one day, it did.

The Hazmat Heimerdinger skill is available today in the League of Legends store for 975 RP.

[Riot Games]