Hasbro Interactive Video Games Deliver Fun for the Entire Family


Inc. (ticker: HAS, exchange: The New York Stock Exchange) News Release –
Wednesday, May 10, 2000

Interactive Video Games Deliver Fun for the Entire Family


EXPO–With the video game machine becoming standard equipment in
living rooms everywhere, Hasbro Interactive (NYSE: HAS) has developed
a full line of video games that deliver fun for the entire family.
From the exciting world of NASCAR(R) racing to the arcade action of
the FROGGER(R) game to the exciting adventures of the ACTION MAN(TM)
game to the best in TV game shows, like FAMILY FEUD(R), WHEEL OF
FORTUNE(R) and JEOPARDY!(R), Hasbro Interactive offers a broad range
of family-friendly games for the PlayStation(R) video game console.



the classic arcade game starring that adventurous amphibian, is better
than ever in FROGGER(R) 2 SWAMPY’S REVENGE. The FROGGER 2 game is
loaded with dozens of great new levels spread over wild environments,
like the Garden and Space. New characters, including Lillie Frog, a
female friend of FROGGER, and the nasty Swampy the Crocodile, keep the
world of FROGGER 2 jumping! With vivid 3-D graphics, FROGGER 2 hops to
new levels, starting this September at retailers everywhere.
Available: Fall 2000.


recreates a classic play pattern with the introduction of the new
GALAGA(R): Destination Earth game. The most exciting space game of the
`80s has returned! GALAGA: Destination Earth promises big adventures
and fast-action fun. Chase those pesky aliens through space wrecks,
asteroid fields and planetary debris rings before orbiting the
planets, sun and moon. Proceed to the Earth’s upper atmosphere and
finally, in the closing stages, to Earth’s cities. Learn the enemy’s
tactics, collect and master their weapons and watch your aim. Use your
fighters to defend against the missiles and attacks of the GALAGA
aliens and the GALAGA Commander. At every third level you will face a
special challenge stage. Retrieve captured fighters from the
descending GALAGA Commander tractor beam and double your firepower!
Available: Fall 2000.



NASCAR(R) HEAT(TM) game puts players in the heat of the action right
from the start, automatically reading the player’s level and adjusting
to his or her ability for a fun racing experience every time. Players
can race as their favorite NASCAR drivers or as themselves and
experience the most exciting moments in NASCAR. Based on the 2000
NASCAR Winston Cup Season, the NASCAR Heat game has three different
modes of play. NASCAR HEAT offers Single Race and Championship Season,
allowing players to choose their favorite driver and race against a
full field of cars at one or all of the NASCAR tracks. It also offers
Race the Pro, a mode of play that provide an entirely new experience.
Race the Pro lets players race against laps actually driven by some of
the biggest stars of NASCAR. Choose between Expert and Normal Modes to
determine the difficulty level of your races. Available: Fall 2000.



MAN(TM), an exciting action hero, makes his way to the U.S. Experience
realistic adventures, face the action and conquer evil. The action
adventure begins in the stunning new 3-D adventure game which is a
thrilling combination of action, counter espionage and strategy
reminiscent all the greatest spy/action movies. The twisting story
line immerses the player in the world of the evil criminal mastermind
Dr. X and friends. The adventures will take players from professor
gangrenes’ desert laboratory, to the city streets, to Dr. X’s secret
Ice Base. Using the breath taking range of gadgets and vehicles at
hand, players must defeat the evil enemies and save the world from Dr.
X. The special effects will make players fill they are really there.
Get into the action and be the hero with ACTION MAN! Available: Fall


on the exciting new Fox Kids animated TV series, the NASCAR(R) Racers
game puts kids into a futuristic world of NASCAR racing. Become a
supersonic speed star by living out the adventures of the NASCAR
Racers TV show. NASCAR RACERS puts players in control of one of the
cars of Team Fastex or Team Rexcor, two of the NASCAR Unlimited
Division racing teams, as featured in the animated series. This 3-D
racing game features three modes of play: Adventure Mode, which is
story-based; Single Player Mode, which lets the player choose a car
and driver as well as a single circuit or racing season; and Two
Player Challenge Mode, which allows two players to race head-to-head.
Available: Fall 2000.


a wild cross-country race for ANGELICA, TOMMY, CatDog(TM), the Angry
Beavers(TM), Sponge Bob Squarepants(TM) and your other favorite
Nickelodeon cartoon characters in the new Nicktoons(TM) Racing game.
All the Nick characters have received an invitation from the mystery
racer, challenging them to race across the country to win the title of
"King of All Cartoons." Keep on course as you race
characters against each other in a game that offers five different
ways to play! Who will win this title? Start your engines! Ready…
Set… Go!!! Available: Fall 2000.


have long loved to fantasize about space adventures. With the Tonka(R)
Space Station game, they are rocketed to a 3-D space station, where
they are in charge of the environment with the goal being to assemble,
maintain and protect the station. In order to achieve this, players
have the challenge to make the space station function as efficiently
as possible while building up a large, happy population. To
successfully complete their missions, players will need to combine
critical thinking, problem solving and fast action, arcade-style game
play. If players need any help, Tonka Joe will be there in 3-D to help
them along! Available: Fall 2000.



on your thinking cap because this is Jeopardy!(R) Now with 4,200
all-new questions, new categories and behind-the-scenes interviews,
the Jeopardy!(R) 2nd Edition game creates the closest experience to
actually being on the show. Select the skill level of your opponents
for better competition. Unlocking in-depth interviews with host Alex
Trebek and exclusive back-stage video make you feel like you’re
actually in the game show studio. It’s the closest thing to being
there. Available: Fall 2000.


what it’s like to be a contestant on America’s #1 television game
show, Wheel of Fortune(R). Hasbro Interactive’s the Wheel of Fortune(R)
2nd Edition game has 2,500 new puzzles and a sample contestant exam.
But that’s not all! Exciting new bonus rounds, unlocking interviews
with Vanna White and impressive new 3-D graphics make this edition of
Wheel of Fortune the closest thing to being there. Now players who
really want to live the TV experience can! Available: Fall 2000.


Says… Family Feud(R) is coming to the PlayStation. Join
comedian/host Louie Anderson in round after round of fast-paced
competition that’s fun for everyone! The Family Feud interactive game
recreates the fun and excitement of the television game show. Enjoy
all the action as contestants try to out-wit and out-guess opponents
for the most popular answers. Either playing by yourself or competing
in party mode — this Family Feud is fun! Available: Fall 2000.


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