Harvest Moon Seeds of Memories hits iOS today

The Android version is coming (*cries*).

Natsume has announced that the upcoming Wii U and PC game, Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memory, has officially hit iOS devices today (or does the PC version look like the mobile version?). What's even better is that the game doesn't look like a downport – it looks just like the PC version. Since its reveal, the developers maintained plans to bring Seeds of Memory to mobile devices, hoping to broaden their reach since they broke up with Marvelous, the true developers of the series.

(Natsume published the game for Marvelous, but they split up. Marvelous now develops Story of Seasons, which looks and plays like Harvest Moon for the most part and Natsume maintained ownership of the 'Harvest Moon' trademark.)

Luckily enough for Harvest Moon lovers, Natsume said the game was "inspired by the old-school gameplay of the very first games" and from the looks of it, Natsume kept the gameplay and took the game art into an entirely different realm.

Like most Harvest Moon games, players will be in charge of running their farms, participating in contests, and win the heart of some lucky bachelor or bachelorette. If you have $9.99 and an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch you can get started on the game now, Android users will have to wait until spring.