Harmonix to be Sold Off by Parent Company

With universal appraisal raining down upon Rock Band 3 at the best rhythm music game in the history of the genre, it may come as a surprise to know that Viacom plans to unload the developer due to declining profits.

“Harmonix has and will continue to create terrific video games,” Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman said. “But for us, it is about focus. The console games business requires an expertise and scale that we don’t have.”

It’s too early to say how much Harmonix will be priced at and who will be buying. Maybe they should have skipped Green Day: Rock Band, huh?

So what is Viacom’s biggest moneymaker? Jersey Shore, according to the Wall Street Journal, which single-handedly revived MTV from its death bed. That’s the world we live in, folks.

[Source: WSJ]