Harmonix CEO: Music game decline ‘more complicated’ than Guitar Hero saturation

Activision isn't entirely at fault for the decline of the music genre, according to chief executive officer and co-founder of Harmonix Alex Rigopulos. 

During a Reddit AMA Monday, Rigopulos responded to a question asking whether or not the over-saturation of Guitar Hero games was "entirely the fault of Acitivison," in which the CEO replied, "I think there's probably some truth to the notion that Activision 'over-published' Guitar Hero." He added later in the conversation, "Reality is always more complicated than this."

Rather than down Activision for the production of more than five main Guitar Hero games within a four-year stretch, Rigopulos focused on the lack of evolution as a main opponent to the longevity of the genre. 

"I also don't think that either GH or RB delivered enough (or the right kind of) evolution of the experience in the years that followed the initial releases — something we hope to address at some point in the next outing," Rigopulos said.

Harmonix is currently fixing to produce a "new" music installment via Kickstarter with Amplitude HD, a remix of the 2003 "cult classic" that debuted on PlayStation 2. The crowd-funded project has raised $416,000 of its $750,000 goal with three days left in the campaign. Fellow developer Insomniaic Games has recently came to  join the cause, pledging $7,500 while helping spread word of the Kickstarter page. 

What do you make of the Rigopulos' comments? Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to tell us where you think the music genre should go next. 

Source: [Reddit AMA via Polygon]