Hardcore WWII shooter, Day of Infamy now available on Steam Early Access

Experience close quarters battles in iconic WWII settings

New World Interactive, the developers behind the modern military shooter, Insurgency have released their WWII shooter, Day of Infamy into Steam's Early Access program today. If the game looks a lot like Insurgency (and it does), there's a good reason for that. Day of Infamy was originally built as a mod for Insurgency, but the Developers have evolved it to become its own fully fledged game using Valve's Source Engine.

Like Insurgency, Day of Infamy specializes in hardcore, close quarters skirmishes with First Person Shooter mechanics, but this time, players will be taken to many iconic locations of a war gone by. Players can expect to defend their lines, torch their enemies, and use radios to call in support fire. Day of Infamy is not built for casual shooter fans either, as it requires pinpoint precision and teamwork to come out on top. No running and gunning here.

Team coordination is such a focus in Day of Infamy that it requires communication with your teammates at all times. One of the cooler features with this is that, while the game comes with standard local voice chat with teammates, the enemy will be able to hear you if they are close by. So beware.

Here's a list of features that are currently present in Day of Infamy per an official press release:

3 Multiplayer game modes 
  • Frontline – Both teams are given the objective of pushing through the map. A team wins when all objectives have been captured, or if the time runs out and a team has majority control of the battlefield. 
  • Liberation – To win, your team must capture all territorial objectives to liberate the area. Capturing points will gain your team more reinforcement waves. You will gain more waves by securing points behind enemy lines.
  • Offensive – The attacking team must capture one point at a time pushing back the entrenched enemy. When objectives are secured by the attacking team, additional waves and time is added to prolong the battle.
3 Cooperative game modes 
  • Stronghold – Move through enemy held territory and secure the area. Your team will be reinforced each time an objective is secured.
  • Patrol – Patrol the surrounding area. Be especially careful, as there are no reinforcement waves in this mode. Once your squad has reached its waypoint, you must either return to base or eliminate any discovered enemy forces in the area. 
  • Entrenchment – Defend the line at all costs. Make sure to fall back and regroup occasionally to keep your squad reinforced.
3 Factions 
  • The Allied infantry forces of the British Commonwealth and U.S. Army clash against the German Wehrmacht. Combined-faction gameplay allow the Brits and Americans to fight together on the battlefield. 
6 maps 
  • From the shores of Sicily and streets of Italy, to the forests of Belgium and Germany. And of course the Normandy beaches. 
20 weapons and wide range of attachments 
  • Full-range arsenal including bolt-action rifles, pistols, revolvers, submachine guns, heavy machine guns, grenades, and flamethrowers. Fix bayonets, extend magazines, or swap iron sights with period-specific customization options.
Mod Support
  • People can create mods for the game that contain all new factions, weapons, and more. With Workshop support you can expect to see custom mods, weapons, player skins, maps, and various other contributions from our talented community. We are very excited to see what the community produces. 
  • The game contains a diverse array of achievements for players to feel a sense of progression learning the game’s various mechanics.

If you are interested in checking out New World Interactive's development road map for Day of Infamy, you can head over to their Trello page here.