Hardcore Nintendo fan lines up outside store a month before Nintendo Switch’s launch

But why...

Whenever a new console or a major game like Grand Theft Auto releases, it's an event. People line up days in advance outside stores to be the first ones to get the game or console and sometimes developers will treat the dedicated fans to gifts and free food! Sadly, the trend has sort of died off with companies like Amazon delivering your purchase right to your door on release day and pretty much every game being day one digital with the ability to play right when the clock strikes midnight.

One gamer isn't going to let these methods of convienence stop him from being the first (at least in America) to get a Nintendo Switch. In fact, he isn't just lining up a few days in advance… he's already in line. That's right, someone is already in line for the Nintendo Switch which releases in just one month. YouTuber CND will be documenting his entire adventure for the whole month of February, where he will sit outside in the cold, New York weather waiting for March 3rd.

Since it's illegal to sleep on the streets, CND will only stand in line from when the store opens to when it closes each day until Nintendo officially begins a line outside their New York store. CND will be staying with the legendary gamer, Triforce Johnson. He holds a Guiness world record for being the first in line at 8 midnight launches for a number of consoles. He has a few other world records in games like Super Mario Bros. and Tetris. Johnson will pass the torch on to CND as Johnson will be sitting out for this launch.

You can watch CND's first day of standing in line below.

Although most of us will probably wait in the comfort of our home until March 3rd, we will CND luck with his adventure (even though it's pretty insane).

The Nintendo Switch releases March 3rd and will cost $299.99. Nintendo has confirmed there are over 100 games in development for the console/handheld hybrid.