Happy N7 Day!

Now that the American elections are over, it’s time to celebrate the great holiday known as N7 Day!  For those who don’t know, N7 Day is when you celebrate everything and anything Mass Effect.  N7 Day comes every year on November 7th (N – November, 7 – date).

This N7 Day we’re celebrating the 5th year of Mass Effect since the original title.  From Saren to the collectors, to the Illusive Man, to the Reapers – Mass Effect has delivered on epic space journey storytelling and action.  Your version of Commander Shepard has bleed, killed, loved, and lost though the series and today you can remember all your fond memories of the series.

While Shepard’s story is over, Mass Effect will continue on through both video games, novels, and even anime.  What’s next for the Mass Effect series?  What will you do for N7 Day?      

Male Shepard

Female Shepard


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