Happy Birthday Mojang!

Today, Mojang – the creators responsible for bringing us the smash-hit indie adventure game Minecraft – turned one year old.  Staring with only one man – Markus "Notch" Persson, the mind behind Minecraft and owner of Mojang – Mojang has rapidly grown to a team of 11.

Mojang has worked hard over the last year, releasing new updates and perfecting their sandbox adventure game Minecraft, which is currently slated for an official release in November, coincidentally releasing the same day as Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  While having a very successful year in terms of sales of Minecraft, Mojang hasn't had the easiest year, recently being taken to court by Bethesda/ZeniMax over the name of the most recent game Mojang is developing, Scrolls.  For those who don't know, ZeniMax is suing over the trademark name "Scrolls".

But enough depressing lawyer talk.  We're celebrating the success of Mojang today.  Turning one year old, Mojang is about to celebrate the culmination of all their hard work during MineCon – a celebration of all things Minecraft, including the official release of the game.

Happy birthday, Mojang.  I hope your wish is to retain the name of your new game, Scrolls.