Happy Birthday Booker DeWitt!

It's not common that we celebrate a video game birthday, but seeing as how amazing of a time we had playing BioShock Infinite, what better way to pay tribute to the hero himself, than wishing him a Happy freaking Birthday. This was first brought to our attention through Reddit (obviously) but we wanted to double check to make sure that this wasn't another Back to the Future II incident.

Turns out, it was right there in front of our faces this whole time, and is indeed true. During each loading screen, we get a little glimpse of Booker's Pinkerton credentials, which clearly gives us not only his DOB, but also his height, hair color and eye color! Oh and hey, if you ever wanted to forge Booker's signature, you can do that too!

Booker sure has been through enough. Gambling problems, alcohol addictions, and rescuing damsels from a giant floating city in the sky, I think it's about time he got a little break, and maybe some delicious cake too. We swear it's not a lie.

Happy Birthday Booker DeWitt

Happy Birthday Booker!