Hands-On Mobile ‘Rolls’ Out Sushi Mania Across the Globe

March 12, 2008

Hands-On Mobile ‘Rolls’ Out Sushi
Mania Across the Globe

Sushi Mania launches as part of
Hands-On Mobile’s ‘Best of Korea’ program.

Hands-On Mobile™, the world’s
leading developer of connected games and applications, announces the launch of
Sushi Mania on all US and European carriers. Sushi Mania comes to the US and
Europe as part of Hands-On Mobile’s ‘Best of Korea’ program, which has brought
titles like Heroes Lore: Wind of Soltia to mobile gamers and offers them the
chance to experience the very best titles from one of the world’s most advanced
mobile gaming markets.

Sushi Mania takes players on an
adventure through 20 game worlds, packed with moving obstacles, tasty treats and
hungry enemies. The player selects from 12 different cute sushi characters, each
with their own skill and ability, and then rolls their piece of sushi around the
levels, leading them on a mission to track down missing ingredients, and,
ultimately, the missing sushi chef. The three-button control system is designed
to be simple and intuitive for players, while allowing them the freedom to do
high jumps, break blocks, navigate collapsing walkways and teleport.

"Sushi Mania is a perfect example of
why we established the ‘Best of Korea’ program. This combination of bite-sized,
fun game play and cute characters will appeal to a wide audience; it is a great
mobile game and is receiving rave reviews," said Michael Temkin, CTO and EVP of
Operations, Hands-On Mobile. "We are looking forward to bringing more hit games
from Korea to Europe and the US."

Sushi Mania has already received a
string of accolades with The UK’s Guardian Games Blog saying "If you’ve already
played the Sonic mobile conversions, or just want a candy cute little platformer
for a few hours of retro-tinged fun, download Sushi Mania as soon as you can."
Other reviews include 90/100 from Project NeXt, 81/100 from Mobile Game FAQ’s
and an 8/10 silver award from Pocket Gamer, which stated: "Sushi Mania is a
feature-rich and interesting package that’s well worth a round of
chopstick-clacking applause."

The sushi’s world has a distinct and
strong graphical design that ensures it will appeal to all mobile users, but not
everything is quite so friendly. It is the player’s task to avoid the deadly
menaces that loiter around the landscape; hungry for the sushi ingredients the
player needs to collect. The player can also gather coins as they travel, which
unlock more levels and special features including six mini-games designed to
offer players a bite-sized snack they can return to.