Halo HD Remake to Mark Franchise’s 10th Anniversary?

An HD remake of the original Halo has been long-rumored, and although no official confirmation exists as of yet (perhaps at GDC later this month?), Joystiq is reporting that “anonymous sources” are claiming it’s definitely coming.

Allegedly under development at Saber Interactive, the studio behind TimeShift and the upcoming Inversion, Halo: Combat Evolved HD will not be using the Halo: Reach engine, and will feature brand new art assets (rather than the half-assed HD ports of Prince of Persia and God of War seen on the PlayStation 3).

Halo HD will reportedly support full 1080p HD and incorporate 3D, as well as the possibility of online co-op in place of the game’s original splitscreen option.

Further leading weight to this new information is the (rumored) release date: November 15, 2011–exactly 10 years since Halo first launched with the Xbox.