Halo Studio Head moves to Microsoft’s ‘Mixed Reality’ team

Don't get too excited.

The man that has been working on the Halo franchise since Halo: Reach was in development in 2009 is moving away from the Halo series and on to 'Mixed Reality'. Even though he's making a shift away from Halo, he's staying with Microsoft.

Dan Ayoub has been working as Studio Head of External Development at Microsoft since 2014, before that he was working on the Halo franchise, and prior to that, Ayoub was working as an executive producer for Ubisoft.

At Microsoft's Mixed Reality team, Ayoub won't be working on gaming, but on education.

"Today we’re sad to be saying bon voyage to one of our own, as Dan Ayoub – who’s worked on Halo games since Halo: Reach all the way back in 2009, bids us, and the gaming industry, a fond adieu,” reads the post from 343. “Dan is set to begin a new adventure within Microsoft in Mixed Reality, where he’ll be pursuing one of his passions…the empowerment of education through technology.”

Good luck Ayoub!