Halo Reach weekly challenge – 4/2/12

You play Halo Reach?  Wanna test your skills and try to win 25,000 cR?  The Reach Weekly Challenge for the week of 4/2/12 involves a ton of multikills. 

The challenge is called "Multiplicative," and you have to earn 200 multikills in multiplayer Matchmaking this week.  The prize: 25,000 cR.

That's a ton of multikills, and I'm far to busy with a bunch of different games to attempt it, but let us know how you fare in this challenge.  The Waypoint Blog (for everything Halo) gives this advice:

[…] it's a tough one so make sure you start early.  Stock up on snacks, drink plenty of fluids, stretch those trigger fingers, and get ready to rack up a lot of multi-kill medals […]

So there you have it.  Good hunting.