Halo Reach Cross-Play & System Requirement details revealed

Pretty much every PC should be able to play it

343 Industries published a new meaty development update on Halo Reach. The final Halo developed by Bungie for the Xbox 360 is finally going to release for Xbox One and PC via the Halo: The Masterchief Collection, and the new Halo developer has shared new info on how cross-play between PC and Xbox One will work as well as the system requirements for PC.

Earlier this year, PC gamers jumped from their chairs in joy when Microsoft announced that the Halo anthology collection from the Xbox One was going to come to their gaming platform. The news was further sweetened by the news that Halo: MCC would come out on both the Windows Store and Steam, giving users the choice where to buy and play. A great decision. We also learned that with Halo Reach, onw of the most-wanted Xbox 360 Halo games was also coming to both Xbox One and PC.

To ensure that every Halo release on PC is going to be up to quality standards, 343 Industries decided to release Halo: MCC in a staggered fashion, with Halo Reach being the first. There’s no concrete release date for the game’s release but the developer previously stated that they plan to ship it before 2020. Reach is currently having a closed flight test on the PC, so we’re hopeful that they can manage to do it.

Furthermore, 343 Industries has released a nice chart that details how cross-play between Xbox One, Windows Store and Steam versions of The Masterchief Collection is going to work. Check it out here!

Last but not least, we also got the PC system requirements and we’re likewise happy to share that they fall below expectations, which is great news for every PC gamer who looks forward to playing Halo Reach and future Halo titles at ultra-high resolutions and framerates.