Halo Infinite makes ‘tremendous progress’ says 343 studio head

Hopefully worth the wait

343 Industries, has some nice words towards the end of the year. Unsurprisingly, it’s all about Halo where we learn that work on Halo Infinite goes reportedly very well.


Besides congratulating the entire Halo community for their Christmas, 343 Industries shared some interesting facts. Mainly, how the year 2020 went for the Halo franchise as a whole.

Of course, the majority of the Halo discussion revolved around Halo Infinite. More like Halo Infamous at this point, since the gameplay reveal event for the future of Master Chief went catastrophically bad.

Not only did Infinite fail to impress Halo fans with its first next-gen outing. Many were even letdown on sheer current-gen expectations. There’s some truth that Halo Infinite lacked in visual fidelity compared to Sony’s big releases this year, like Ghost of Tsushima or The Last of Us Part II.

But you have to remember, it’s somewhat easier to create impressive baked lighting than a real-time dynamic one. Nonetheless, the bad reception ended with Infinite’s delay. A major blow towards the Xbox Series X|S launch line-up.

And just earlier this month we learned that the delay is quite long, too. Halo Infinite now targets fall 2021 for PC and Xbox consoles. But there is a good reason for this lengthy delay. 343 Industries seemingly does a lot more than just polish their title. Instead, we are likely looking at a mild reboot of development.

As touched upon before, the Christmas update by the developers goes into much more than just one game. Hence, we also get to see some behind-the-scenes images from the elusive Halo TV series, alongside others. It’s totally worth a read.

One notable portion focuses on the Master Chief Collection. To be more precise, its launch on PCs this year. In a span of less than a year, the entire Halo anthology made its way onto PC at long last. Thankfully, it was also a resounding success which is highlighted by a neat graphic. There, you can see all sorts of statistics about the MCC and its players.