Halo 6 “is good,” but wasn’t ready for E3 2017

Good, but not good enough.

If you watched the Microsoft E3 2017 press conference yesterday, you'll have noticed that Xbox's flagship series, Halo, didn't make a single appearance. Sure, Master Chief showed his helmet off in the Xbox One X trailer but there was no talk of Halo.

We knew it would happen, 343 Industries said as much before E3 2017. The lack of Halo might have made some fans uncomfortable with the fate of the game series, but it looks like 343's founder is looking to clear up any fan concerns.

Taking to Twitter, 343 founder and head Bonnie Ross revealed that the developers are keeping their "heads down on [the] next big Halo." According to Ross, Halo 6 "is good, but not ready to announce yet." Ross went on to further confirm that Halo 6 will have LAN support in the same series of tweets.

We first heard of Halo 6 being in development back in 2015 and that the series will return to supporting split-screen with Halo 6 earlier this year.