Halo 5: Guardians Xbox One X Update is live and it’s looking better than ever; Screenshots included

Glorious enhancements

The Xbox One X is nearing its November 7th release and one of the games getting a facelift for it is Halo 5: Guardians. The facelift has made the game look better than ever! Just take a look at these 1080p screenshots.

While the Xbox One X still has a few days until release, consoles are already out with influencers and the press so 343 Industries and Microsoft rolled out their Xbox One X enhancement update for Halo 5. Now it's clear that they did not speak empty words when they were talking about their Xbox One X update. According to Frank O'Connor of 343 Industries, these new and improved graphics can be compared to the Halo 5 Forge PC graphics, but better.

343 Industries announced the Xbox One X 4K UHU patch earlier this week, and now it has been deployed for everyone (with an Xbox One X) to enjoy.

The screenshot in this article was taken by RestEra user "Garcia el Gringo".

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