Halo 4 writer takes lead writer role for Mass Effect 4

But...it's not Mass Effect 4, it's the next Mass Effect

How did you feel about Halo 4's story — did you like it? Well, if you like the Mass Effect series hopefully the answer is yes.

Back in August we saw Casey Hudson, the series' creator and executive producer leave the team, but that doesn't mean it isn't in good hands.

BioWare's next Mass Effect game is borrowing from 343 Industries' halo 4 writer, Chris Schlerf. When I say borrowed I mean, Schlerf is now a part of the BioWare team working on Mass Effect. Schlerf will be the lead writer on the incoming Mass Effect game. If you're concerned about Mass Effect losing itself with a new writer, don't be. Mac Walters, the lead writer for Mass Effect 2 and 3 is staying onboard as the game's Creative Director. 

Remember though, the next Mass Effect game isn't called Mass Effect 4... Even though I used it in my title.