Halo 4 to be a Xbox 360 Release

With dozens of rumors fluttering around the industry lately that the Xbox 720 is just over the horizon, many have speculated that Halo 4 could be a next-gen launch title. Today, though, 343 Industries' Frank O' Connor has confirmed that Halo 4 will be, in fact, a Xbox 360 title. 

"Halo 4 will be on Xbox 360 and use a modified core of the Halo engine(s)," O'Connor wrote on the NeoGAF forums. "Not really a singular engine since it goes through fairly radical evolutions all the time." 

343 Industries have taken the first step in creating an excellent Halo title, with Combat Evolved: Anniversary receiving a 9.0, but this news almost certainly means that the next-gen Xbox is far off from not only being announced, but released.