Halo 4 release set for November 6, 2012

343 Industries has just confirmed Halo 4 will release worldwide on November 6, 2012.

Pre-orders for Halo 4 and the return of much-anticipated Master Chief are now available through various retailers.

Celebrating the launch date reveal, Conan O'Brien and his side-kick Andy Richter will be "connected to Master Chief and Halo 4" in a segment that features franchise director Frank O’Connor and executive producer Kiki Wolfkill.

We don't know what Team Coco or "Team Friki" have planned for tonight's show, but Kiki did say they "pal'ed around."  Whatever that means.  Be sure to tune into CONAN tonight at 11 p.m. PST.

And be on the look out for more Halo 4 news, especially now that the November 6th release date has been announced.