Halo 4 Promethan enemies and weapons detailed via leaked images

Despite the vital role they play in Halo 4, the Prometheans remain a mysterious bunch. We know they are an entirely new antagonist in the game, one that is considered a "threat beyond anything that Master Chief has faced before", but that's about it.

Described as a "powerful and mysterious element of the ancient Forerunner Warrior-Servants whose forebears fell from power following the Human-Forerunner War", some of the remaining Prometheans appear to be tasked with defending the mysterious alien world, along with its payload of terrifying secrets and emerging threats.

So who exactly are these deadly enemies? While 343 Industries gave us a sneak peek at the Promethean Crawler, a new batch of images have surfaced revealing seven more Promethean enemies and seven of their weapons. From the incredibly dangerous Knight Battlewagon to the more agile Crawler, and weapons like the Boltshot and Binary Rifle, the Prometheans won't go down without a fight.

You'll find all of the images and info below (via IDT):

Halo 4 Crawler

Halo 4 Alpha Crawler

Halo 4 Crawler Snipe

Halo 4 Snipe

Halo 4 Knight Lance

Halo 4 Knight Commander

Halo 4 Knight Battlewagon

Halo 4 Watcher

Halo 4 Incineration Cannon

Binary Rifle Halo 4

Halo 4 Boltshot

Halo 4 Lightrifle

Halo 4 Pulse Grenade

Halo 4 Scattershot

Halo 4 Suppressor