Halo 4 matchmaking update adds Big Team SWAT, Shotgun Ricochet

Are you a Halo fan that enjoys headshots and shotguns? If so, you’re going to enjoy Halo 4’s latest matchmaking update.

For those out of the loop, every two weeks 343 Industries updates the title's matchmaking with new “game types, playlist changes and more.” Update 1.6.14 adds Big Team SWAT and Shotgun Ricochet.

Halo Waypoint playlist tweet

Big Team SWAT will be available until Jan. 20, featuring teams of eight in larger maps, including "some" DLC.

Shotgun Ricochet will be here to stay as a regular rotation in the Ricochet playlist.

Below you can view further details:

Halo 4 playlist update

Source: [Halo Waypoint