Halo 4 ‘Longbow’ map detailed, screenshots revealed

Following tradition, Halo 4 will have a long multiplayer map filled with snow. Yesterday, 343 Industries, while updating fans on the development of Halo 4, gave us a look at a new map: Longbow.

Located in the northern polar region of the frigid planet Concord, the cold climate and gravitational conditions have provided an "optimal perch" for Longbow Station's channel-based mass drivers. Before the Covenant War, the UEG used this place to launch deep monitoring relays in an effort to study distant star systems.

"The goal of Longbow was to create a play space that showcases one of our new (and unannounced) game modes," 343 Industries Jessica Shea teased. "Early in development, we considered several options, including making it something like a big Arecibo-type telescope built into a valley."

"We experimented with having extremes of Fire and Ice on opposite sides, but ultimately decided a glacier theme fit better with the spectrum of themes from other maps. The look and feel really took off from there to be distinctive and atmospheric," she added.

Longbow will support both infantry and vehicle play, both offering distinct experiences. On foot, it's mostly mid-to-long range map with small pockets of close range combat in and around the base structures. With that being said, you will find plenty of long-distance areas to experience vehicular combat. As of now, Longbow supports Warthogs, Mongooses, and Ghosts.

Longbow will be playable at RTX, where Halo 4 will make its grand debut to the mass consumer public. Those attending will be the first to get hands-on experience with War Games, Halo 4's competitive multiplayer modes. There will be a few different maps and game types playable, Longbow being one of them.

Fans attending RTX will also have an opportunity to be one of the first to pick up the new Halo 4 Master Chief action figure, the first release in a line of new toys coming to retail stores in August.