Halo 4 comic book series to be published by Dark Horse

The storyline from Halo 4 is becoming a comic book series. According to Wired, the comic series is titled Halo: Escalation and will be releasing December 11 of this year. Chris Schlerf, Halo 4's lead writer, is penning the series, and Omar Francia, best known for comic adaptations of Mass Effect and Star Wars, is doing the art for the first three issues. The covers will be illustrated by Dragon Age comic artist Anthony Palumbo.

Earlier this year, Dark Horse Comics announced that it was releasing a Halo comic called Halo: Initiation. The first issue is set to release August 14, and the miniseries is focusing on Sarah Palmer, a super-soldier defending humanity as part of the Spartan-IV program. 

Halo: Escalation will cover "how the events of Halo 4 have helped define the destiny not only of the Chief but of the galaxy as a whole," wrote Schlerf in an email to Wired. He also said the series will start in the midst of a violent assault from forces determined to stop diplomatic talks between Arbiter and the Brutes.

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