Hall: Microsoft, Sony ‘legitimately interested’ in DayZ on Xbox One and PS4

DayZ creator Dean Hall has praised Microsoft for Xbox One features that the company showed him behind closed doors, but hasn't yet revealed to the general public. Speaking to Eurogamer about his meeting with Microsoft regarding a console version of DayZ, Hall claimed to see some "really interesting" features coming to the platform. Unfortunately, he isn't allowed to discuss them just yet.

"I have nothing against consoles, and there's some really interesting and exciting things happening. That was one of the cool things about meeting with Microsoft," Hall told Eurogamer. "There were definitely some things they said that I'm not allowed to talk about that I was like, 'Wow! That's interesting. Why don't you tell people that?' But I guess they want to make sure everything all goes together and that."

Hall also said he met with Sony to discuss a console version of DayZ, likely for the PS3 and/or PS4, but, again, didn't say reveal much more. He did confirm that a console version of the post-apocalyptic, zombie survival game is not in development right; although, a decision about a console version of DayZ is likely to be made by the end of 2014. Should it get green-lit, Hall estimates it'll take 12 months to create.

"There would be, naturally, some changes. I don't think they'd be super-huge, and I don't think Microsoft or Sony would want them to be different, because they would just want DayZ on their things. I legitimately think some of the people at Sony and Microsoft thought DayZ was cool. It's definitely clear for me that it wasn't just about money, but they legitimately want to see exciting, creative…

"People rip on Microsoft and Sony but actually, when meeting with them, they're definitely legitimately interested in DayZ," Hall added.

As for the PC version which is still in-development through Steam's Early Access, Hall believes the full version will launch sometime in the spring or summer of 2014. Regardless of it still being an Alpha state, DayZ has already sold 1.5 million copies. The final version of the game, Hall anticipates, will be "fundamentally different" than the version we're playing today.

"As some of these new features come on–even some of the things we introduce now–it suddenly changes the whole way the game's played. We finally got it so that ruined objects don't really work any more; that suddenly changed the way players were behaving. If you shoot someone and destroy their gear, it doesn't work any more. Even little things like that can have profound effects," Hall said.

Earlier this week, Hall announced he would be leaving the DayZ development team by the end of the year with plans to head back to New Zealand; however, his contract stipulates that he's required to somehow be involved in DayZ's future.