Hackers unearth hidden message inside NES classic

It has nothing to do with Ovaltine

The NES classic is the gift that keeps on giving as a hidden message was found within the tiny console’s security code.

A Twitter user named bakueikozo posted an image of the code, and found the message written by an unnamed programmer who goes by “The Hanafuda Captain.” Hanafuda is a reference to Japanese playing cards which were once sold by Nintendo.

The message reads:

"This is the hanafuda captain speaking. Launching emulation in 3…2…1. Many efforts, tears and countless hours have been put into this jewel. So, please keep this place tidied up and don't break everything! Cheers, the hanafuda captain."

Pretty neat stuff.

This isn’t the first hacking news of the NES classic. Just this week, hackers were able to double the amount of games onto the console by breaking into the programming, however it's extremely risky, and could end up turning the console into a brick.